Book Recommendations

Need help finding your next book to read? The library staff members are always happy to make suggestions, but you can also check these sites.
This is a list of books suggested by patrons of the Randall Library.

Read these books before you see the movie. They'll all be released in 2014.

A very subjective list of some novels based in history.

Library Book Group
The book group that meets at the library has discussed the books in this list.

Good Reads is a site for book lovers to create book lists, see what their friends are reading, write reviews and get personalized recommendations.

This is a database that will suggest books according to books and authors you enter--very helpful for finding new authors to try. You will need to enter your library card number to use this site.

IndieBound publishes a list of books monthly, recommended by independent booksellers across the country.

New York Times Bestsellers
This link takes you to the current week's bestsellers in a number of categories, including children's books for various ages, business books, graphic novels and how-to books.

Minuteman Top Requests
These are the most-requested books in the Minuteman System, so you may have to wait a bit for these.
This site includes links to various book awards including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and the Booker Prize.

Book Page
Where to discover "your next great book." You can subscribe to the BookPage e-mail newsletter on their site.

Publishers Weekly Best of 2016 
Recommendations from Publishers Weekly in a number of genres including romance, mystery and sci-fi.

NPR Best Books of 2016
An eclectic set of lists from a number of NPR contributors.