Operation Delta Dog at the Randall Library-Heroes helping Heroes

posted Jul 1, 2015, 11:26 AM by Randall Stow
The summer reading theme this year is "Every Hero Has A Story" and the Randall Library has a way for heroes to help other heroes this year.

Kids (and adults) this year have another great way to make a big impact on the lives of people and animals in need just with the time that they spend reading. This summer the Randall Library will be working in conjunction with Operation Delta Dog (http://operationdeltadog.org) to improve the lives of shelter dogs and U.S. veterans. You can "pledge to read" and help sponsor the cost of training abandoned dogs to become service animals and then help Operation Delta Dog team them up with veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Sadly, 22 U.S. veterans take their own lives every day in the United States. These brave men and women have served their country and many then have to come home to face even more challenges associated with PTSD and TBI and many of them cannot cope with the stress.

Working with experienced trainers, Operation Delta Dog rescues homeless dogs from Massachusetts shelters and trains them to become service/therapy dogs for U.S. veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD in an attempt to save lives (both animal and human). Thanks to Operation Delta Dog the dogs chosen for training get the homes they need and the veterans get the help that they deserve. I am so very proud to be able to provide an avenue to help out by organizing this special "pledge to read" program (which is unique to the Randall Library this summer- hopefully we will start a "tend" throughout other libraries in MA!!). The program works by coming in and picking up your "pledge form" so that kids and adults then can start explaining the program to their "sponsors" and get pledges for the amount of time that they spend reading this summer in an effort to defray the cost of training a dog to become a service companion to a deserving veteran. The pledge forms have a place to record your daily progress. At the end of the summer folks involved in the program will report their progress to their sponsors who will then make checks out to Operation Delta Dog and the library staff will tally up the results and mail the checks and results to Operation Delta Dog. Come into the library and speak to me about the program, I'll be happy to let you know you and your family can do to be a "superhero" this summer and help another superhero to a better life.