Summer's End and New Beginnings

posted Sep 3, 2014, 2:31 PM by Randall Stow is hard to believe (given the current heat wave) but Labor Day has passed so the summer is now officially over. But fear not!!! The library has some new changes that will make saying goodbye to the beach less of a drag. (Besides- We are now open on Saturdays again beginning on September 6th-so that helps)
First off, as you all may already know the library has a new Youth Services Librarian, Christine Morrison. Christine has come onboard from her position in the library at Center School so she is a familiar face to many of the kids in Stow. I can tell you... I hear a lot of happy children greeting Ms. Morrison every day coming thru the doors of the library thrilled  to find her here at the Randall. The library is coming alive with Christine's fabulous paper sculptures, and the new programs she is spearheading are bringing in more children to programs than the staff here has ever seen! Reluctant as we all were to have to say goodbye to Martha Boksenbaum, we all understood when she told us that she was taking a position closer to her home in Boston. We are all thrilled to have Christine here, and patrons and staff alike are looking forward to all her great programs- Including her special Saturday September 27th program at 2:00pm that we are calling "Launch at the Library" in which kids of all ages will be making flying machines. Christine's science and library background are really going to get a lot of play here at the Randall!!
One of the most enjoyable summer reading I did this year was  Henry Beston's The Outermost House. What a beautiful book! Anyone who has ever been to and loved Cape Cod could not help but be captivated by it. So...needless to say I am thrilled to have Don Wilding from the Henry Beston Society coming to the library on Thursday September 25th at 7:00pm to speak about the literary and cultural influence The Outermost House had on America and how it helped create the Cape Cod National Seashore.  I highly recommend that you attend this special library event, at the very least read The Outermost House, you will be so glad you did.
Those who had the joy of attending Martha Chiarchiaro's "Exploring the Worcester Art Museum" lecture series here at the Randall this summer, know what I mean when I say, what a visual blessing! I learned more about the influence on art history that this gem of a local museum had on art collection in America, plus we all have even more reasons to attend the museum and check out the primo examples of paintings and scultptures Martha C. has brought to our attention. So...Thanks to the Randall Library Friends Association we now have free museum passes  you can come check out to get to the Worceser Art Museum free of charge during those overcast winter months. Thanks again to Martha Chiarchiaro- what a wonderful citizen of Stow and avid library patron.
Our Summer Reading For Adult Bingo game was a huge hit (we will most likely do something fun next year as well....I'll keep you posted). A lot more adult patrons got exposed to all the great things that the library has to offer thanks to the Bingo game. The Summer Reading and Listening clubs for kids were also hits- with the average age of participants going up from previous years thanks to the raffle items.  The children in the Reading Club read a total of 2,680 hours and our Listening Club participants listened to 2,080 books! Which is great since staying up on reading during the summer is really important for kids. Studies have found that when kids don't read during the summer months between school years that they tend to not "catch up" in the Fall in comparison to other children who have been reading and listening  during the summer and moving ahead with their reading and comprehension skills. By the end of 6th grade children who lose reading skills over the summer are two years behind their classmates.  I had the great joy of being able to call the raffle winners both children and adults to let them know that they won raffle items. I got a lot of "OMG- I NEVER win anything!! " Which was fun for me, and the rest of the staff got to greet all the winners and hand out prizes.
All-in all....It has been a great summer at the Randall Library.