Love Your Library Staff T-Shirts

posted Jul 17, 2014, 2:38 PM by Randall Stow   [ updated Jul 17, 2014, 2:42 PM ]
     It has been more than a  year now since I had a staff appreciation dinner at my house where I handed out staff t-shirts that I had made up with a Randall Library- Love Your Library logo on them. The logo was designed by Emily Bawn,  the fantastically talented daughter of our fabulous Library Page Rosemary Bawn. I asked Emily to come up with a "kinda goth, kinda tattoo" image that could be used  as a logo for the Randall Library, "Information Goddesses" (a.k.a. Randall Library staff) to wear on t-shirts.  The reception by the staff has been terrific.  If you have been in the library you have most likely seen one or more of us in them at the Circulation desk (see photo below) or at library functions. Frankly, I suspect that the staff loves the t-shirts as much for the fact that it adds an element of camaraderie (and a "Sisters of Anarchy" vibe) to a day at the library as much it makes it really easy to figure out what to wear for the day.  Patrons have been asking if they can have a t-shirts too. At the present time.....sorry... they are only for staff (as the back of the t-shirt will tell you!), but I think I might consider taking orders as a Randall Library Friends Association fund raiser if there is enough interest. Plus...the staff has been asking me to consider having more made up in other colors (preferably a different color for every day of the week... see, I told you that it makes getting dressed for the day easy...) so I might be making a trip back to the printer shortly anyway. Stop by and let the staff know how much you love the Randall Library and speak to an "Information Goddess" (a.k.a. "Sister of Anarchy") about being a cutting-edge fashionista.