What's New on Overdrive?- Streaming Videos

posted Dec 20, 2014, 8:05 AM by Randall Stow
One of the fastest growing and most used areas in the library collection is accessible e-books and audio book made available via Overdrive. The Minuteman Library Network has been adding more funding toward Overdrive collection development to meet the growing need and the Randall Library has been adding exclusive Stow patron accessible e-books and audio books through the Overdrive Advantage program in the past 2 years as well. But last month a whole new area of Overdrive has been added, streaming videos. You can now watch movies on your computers and portable computing devices by downloading  videos to them, the same way you have been accessing e-books and audio books. Check it out by going into Overdrive on the Minuteman Library Network, then in the upper left-hand of the screen under "Featured Collections", click the "streaming videos!" link and browse the available movies Once you find a movie that you want, either borrow it or place a hold on it the same way you do with an e-book or audio book. How can you tell if you can instantly borrow it?-If the "film icon" in the upper right hand corner of the image of the movie cover is gray then it means that it is currently checked out, and you will have to put a "hold" on the item. If it is black then it is currently available to download. Just like an e-book or audio book borrowed through Overdrive you don't have to worry about returns or fines. After 3 days when your due date comes up you can renew the item or just wait and it will just be withdrawn from your list of checked out items. It is that easy!  Just remember-you have a limit of 10 items (audio books, e-books or streaming videos) that you can have checked out at one time.

Speaking of great library items you can check out from home, be sure to check out the Randall Library's exclusive databases which provide Stow patrons access to Morningstar, Mango Languages (where you can also watch movies!) Consumer Reports, Heritage Quest and Freegal (downloadable music). If you have any questions about these databases and how to access them, stop by the library and speak to a staff member. Enjoy!