Ruff's Adventures

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The Wilkins Family
January 3, 2016
Happy New Year! Today the Wilkins brought me to Boston. We took the subway in to see Disney on ice! I rode in Ellie's backpack with my head sticking out so I could see all there was to see. Lots of people, big buildings, a river with all different kinds of bridges. The ice arena was at a big college. The show was really exciting! Goofy was my favorite. He was so... Well... Goofy! And he's a dog! Just like me. I loved how the ice skates were able to dance out the stories on the ice. The costumes were fantastic. There were even fireworks! We danced and sang along. It was a long day so I was especially thankful to cuddle with Ellie on the long drive home.

January 4, 2016
Today I played with Ellie's little brother, Van. Then when Ellie came home we made a blanket fort with a pretend fireplace. It was cozy!

January 5, 2016
Tonight I got to read a bedtime story to Van. It was Little Bear Says Goodnight. It was funny and had us all laughing! Little Bear tricks Papa Bear at bedtime and hides on his shoulders. But when Papa Bear cuts himself a big piece of chocolate cake, Little Bear can't resist. I don't think I could either! Goodnight!

The Marshall Family
Yay! The Marshall house again! I had so much fun having Thanksgiving with Matthew, Michael, and Gordon- though I didn't get any people food, Gertrude (their dog) shared her treats with me! I got a bath and had the chance to snuggle with the boys. They were so nice and shared me with each other! I stayed an extra week because mom kept forgetting to take me back and Gordon kept hiding me so mom wouldn't see me- probably why she forgot! I also got to play with Brown, Matthew's pet rat. He has a big ball he runs around the house in! Gertrude and I chased him. She tried playing with me but the boys wouldn't let her chew on me! I best be getting back to the library!

November 11, 2015
Happy Veteran's day! I enjoyed my time with Ruff! I absolutely adore dogs and Ruff was my buddy over the past two weeks in Acton. We stayed at home and played every day. As I'm eleven months old, I learned how to care for the dog. I especially liked when he barked and snuggled with me. I'm trying to convince my parents to get me a real dog... Maybe one day. I'll miss Ruff.

Van and Ellie
September 27, 2015
Well, I certainly have been having lots of adventures at Van and Ellie's house. They have a dog, Martin, and a cat, Lulu! The cat is nice though. She likes to snuggle just as much as Van and Ellie. Ellie brought me to Center School to her kindergarten class. We had fun coloring and learning about apples. They took me along when they walked Martin, which was nice because they like to take long walks in the woods. We met other dogs along the way and sometimes we played with them. Yesterday, Ellie brought me to the Hu Lam Buddhist temple for the Moon Cake Celebration. We had tea and moon cakes and Ellie read a book about meditation to everyone. The nuns gave Ellie a paper lantern and we got to light it and run around after dark! Ellie's mom made one for Van too. That was lots of fun. Tonight is the full lunar eclipse but I think I'll be asleep when it happens. Or maybe I'll wake up and howl at the full moon!

September 24, 2015
Clara and Ruff got to talk about Magic Garden and their friend Lily. That's where Clara used to go to school. Ruff had lots of fun with us. He read books and went on walks with us. He got to sleep in different rooms of the house- his favorite was sleeping in Clara's room. The day Ruff went back to the library he got to sit outside on the grass and have one last snack- muffins and milk. He thought they were very yummy.

Lily and Nathaniel
August 13, 2015
Ruff had a good time with Lily and Nathaniel's stuffed animals. He also went to preschool with Lily at Magic Garden Children's Center, and had a nap with Lily at rest time.

Sophie and Tess
May 12, 2015
I had a lot of fun reading Sophie's books when she was at school. Tess and Sophie changed my cloths and dressed me up in doll cloths. I liked playing with the other toys!

April 15, 2015
I saw a chipmunk while I was looking out the window at Alice's house!

April 2, 2015
Ruff visited with my fish and my dinosaur! He came in the car with me to the library, horse-back riding and the park! I fed him and gave him water. One day he went home with my nanny! She walked him and fed him lots.

My Friend
Ruff has dinosaurs and he played with them. The green T-Rex was his favorite. They chomped food and played together-they're friends. Ruff was excited to go on his next adventure. We've had bike adventures. Me and Ruff rode the bike.

Lily and Nathaniel
March 1, 2015
Ruff came home with Lily and Nathaniel. We gave him some food and water this morning. He had a lot of fun hanging out with out stuffed animals :-)

Annabel and Teo
February 2, 2015
WE LOVE RUFF!- Annabel and Teo
It's been a really snowy week! I visited Annabel and Teo again. When we were snowed in we did art, played with paper dolls and finished reading The Wizard of Oz. We loved the book but when we tried to watch the movie the green-faced witch scared us by showing up all the time. Than't not like the book! We saw a giant icicle this morning. I wanted to eat it up!

January 15, 2015
I'm at Gordon's house again! He must really like me!! I'm excited to meet his new puppy Gertrude.
January 16,
I'm going to school with Gordon!!!!!- Can you tell you? I love Center School!!!

Michael trimmed my hair and nails and I got a bath! I'm having a fun adventure

January 10, 2015
Ruff had so much fun with me. He went snow-boarding. He had fun.

December 30,
I enjoyed spending Christmas over at Alice's house.I got to meet lots of other stuffed animals and have a rocket ship built just for me. 3....2....1 ....blast off to the new year!

October 25
I'm visiting my friend Gordon again! He has a new puppy, her name is Gertrude. Gertrude was a bit happy to meet me. She's still learning she can't chew on others. Long story short-I got a bath! A real bath! In the washing machine! Oh boy, was that fun! At least I got to snuggle with Gordon at bedtime. 

October 27
I've been so busy with Gordon and his brothers that I have forgotten to write! We go on so many adventures. I'm a little sad to be sitting at the desk while Gordon is at school-Oh! I think he's home now. 

I had to go with Gordon to get a flu shot. Glad I was there to give him a big hug! I waited  in the car. I'm not ready for another bath yet. 

October 28

I when to school with Matthew today! Kindergarten class. Gordon said it was OK even though he didn't have school today. I met Matthew's friends and we did some art projects and letter writing. They wrote journals. I should have brought mine! It's a pretty long day. I was so happy to hear we got rest time. I took a short rest with Matthew and Lamby, then back at it. Boy they work these kindergartners! The end of the school day was super fun as I got to ride the bus home!

October 31
Halloween! Matthew is a Ghostbuster. Michael is a dentist. Gordon is a Ninja Turtle! I'm dressed up as a beaver. Matthew let me wear his critter's (Beaver, he;s from Canada) sweatshirt. It's super warm on a chilly trick or treat night. 

November 1,
I had a bad day today. I ate too much candy. I almost got chewed up by Gertrude (the dog). Well not really but that's what Michael says. THen we played with bubbles and it's all good now!

November 5
So much fun the last couple of days! Today I went to school with Gordon. He introduced me to his friend, Hugh. We played together and sat at circle time together! I'm going to miss the Marshall boys! Back to the library today. -Ruff

September 26
I have visited Alice at her house in Boxborough. We tried to have a picnic lunch, but there were so many bees!! We ran inside. I did like seeing Alice's garden. I saw flowers, leaves and grass. There is a cat here. I think the cat is delightful. ;-) I saw sand at the playground and played with Alice.
October 1st
Today I actually met my sister "Ruffia"! She looks just like me only she loves to wear pink dresses and crowns. Funny. We had lots of fun having our pictures taken by Alice.
October 13
Today we are outside making "Miss Susie Houses". They are like fairy houses, from our book Miss Susie. Alice is helping me make a tiny home using pine cones, bark and acorn tops. We are also being "thing searchers", just like we read about in the Pippi Longstocking book!

Annabel and Teo
August 16-18th
This week I had a good time catching up with my old friends Annabel and Teo Rivera. Every morning Annable gave me a piano lesson. Our favorite song to sing together was "Jamica Farewell". The kids and I played Narnia since we were reading "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". We had a great adventure on the weekend visting a lake in Maine. Now I am ready to meet a new child.

P.S- Ruff is so happy because he got to return his first Redbox movie on this trip. The crazy thing is he has never watched a Redbox movie!
August 9-12th
Wash, wash... was all I heard when I first got to my new adventure! I was spinning around and around. I could smell laundry right next to me. I was in a washing machine!! I had come home with Melissa Fournier, the Library Director to get a wash before my next adventure, little did I know what it was going to be here. When I was all clean Melissa put me back in my bag. "What a fun weekend", I said to myself, but then her daughter Anastasia said I should be in on the fun. She took me upstairs to take me on a tour of the house. She just re-did her room and it looks great. I also met her pets, Chance her 3-legged dog (3 legs! I'm glad I have 4!) Monkey her dog, Thor and Thalia her turtles, Muffin her bunny and Mittens her cat. Mittens even licked me. Who said dogs and cats can't be friends? Later on today we are going to the Bolton Fair. I can't wait! I'll tell you all about it when we come  back.

Wow! The Bolton Fair was amazing! I rode on  a Ferris wheel, bumper cars and the merry-go-round. I met so many animals. For example, llamas, goats, ducks and bunnies. We even saw Creature Teachers (a program that had been at the Randall library this summer!) where I met a woodchuck. I had so much fun but, whew, am I tired! To end this great day Anastasia and I are going to cuddle up and read Tillie Lays an Egg. I'll tell you how it goeZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

P.S-There were no dogs at the fair!!
P.P.S.-I have to go into the washing machine before I go back to the library...some weekend!!
July 18th-August 8th
Today I went home with Sarah Kivi. The first thing I did with Sarah is go to Small Farm. We picked a big batch of flowers for Sarah's mom. So then Sarah and I went home to have lunch with Sarah's sisters. Then Sarah and I took a nap. When we woke we all when to Honey Pot Hill Farm. We saw the animals. Then we went in the hedge maze. Sara and his sister Kaitlyn got us out of there!!. Then we went home ate dinner and went to bed. It was a busy day!

Sarah and I went on a 14 day beach vacation. I had a lot of fun with Sarah.

July 8th
Today I went home with Alexa and Harrison. We went mini-golfing. I went on the swings and slide and went to the playground. We went to the movies. I went to Alexa and Harrison's  swim lessons. It was kind of a long ride. I had a very fun time. I wonder who will take me home next?

P.S....I am a puppet, but Alexa made me a new collar. The library will post the pictures soon!

Sofia and Nicky
July 1st -July 8th
Today I went home with Sofia and Nicky Charest. When I got home, Nicky, Sofia and I had lunch. Then, Nicky and Sofia both got a chocolate chip cookie. How unfair is that! Sofia explained that chocolate was bad for dogs. That night I slept in Sofia's cozy bed.

Today I slept until 10:15 and missed Sophia's swim practice! I did hear she did great though. I went to Nicky's swim practice which was after Sofia's. Nicky did great too. When we all got home I got very tired and took a nap in my bag. While I was sleeping Sofia wore my bag on her back while she and Nicky went on the swings. What a fun day!! ;-)

I had a wonderful time with Sofia and Nicky. I am excited for my next adventure.

Abby and Collin
June 18-24th
This week I went home with Abby and Collin Hatch. They got to watch a show when we got home so I helped Abby open the TV cabinet. It was high up!

They have so many fun stuffed animal friends. Abby and Collin set up a picnic for us and kept giving me new "play food" on my plate when I wanted it. I really like Collin's kitty and Abby's bear friends.

Collin took me for many rides in the back of his big truck toy, and sometimes other friends came too. Abby took me all around the house in her doll stroller.

We read lots of books together every day and I got to nap on the living room couch. I also really liked to play in the play room with all the toysl.

I had so much fun with them and I am ready for my next adventure.

The Jargers
May 28-June 3
I was really excited when I heard I was going home with another family. The first night they took me home I didn't do much. I took a nap when I got to Sophie's house and then read a book called "Ellie the Homesick Puppy". the next day Sophie read me one of her easy reader books. Sophie is ten and a advanced reader so a lot of her books are big and thick. the book she read was called "Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark". I love it but never got to finish it , Sophie showed me her other dog named Zack he was real and big and scary!! So Sophie showed me another dog named Pink Lilac. This pup was stuffed like me and was a Golden Retriever. The next day Sophie had school. So I styed home and read "A Girl's Best Friend" which is a book by American Girl. Later when she was asleep, me and Pink Lilac and other pups had a party! We watched Marmaduke and sang songs and ate cookies!! The day after that I tried to play Sophie's saxophone. I enjoyed that! The rest of the days went by in a blur. I'm excited for my next adventure and can't wait to read more Jack and Annie books, so please read me books if I go home with you!

April 23
I was excited to go with Aditya today. When we reached home, we played golf. Aditya plays golf really well! After dinner, Aditya, his parents and I watched a movie called, "The Wild". When it was time to sleep, Aditya made a small bed for me. I had a nice and cozy sleep inside the bed. Snore, snore!!! ZZZZZ.

April 23
Aditya was very excited on this day. He kept telling me that his cousins, Shaunak and Ishaan were going to come to his house! Wow, what fun! At ten-thirty on the dot, his cousins showed up. The taller one from the tow is Shaunak who is ten years old. The younger one is Ishaan at the age of seven. Well, have you seen a ten year old playing with beyblade? Well, that's what I saw. The kids were allowed to stay up late today as Aditya doesn't have to wake up early tomorrow. It's Spring vacation!! ;-)

April 24-29th
This last week has been a whirlwind of activities. We had so much fun together. We went to the Science Museum together, I even got a picture taken with T-Rex!

Aditya showed me all around Boston. Boston Harbor, Fanueil Hall and we also took the train ride.

The day before yesterday we all went to Newport, Rhode Island. I got to take an audio tour inside a mansion called "Breakers". On our way back we skipped stones at the Brenton Park beach.

Yesterday we went to eat frozen yogurt. I picked banana flavor. It was yum!

I am sad to leave Aditya's house today, but I know I will see Aditya at the library soon.


April 5

Yipee-Clara took me home today!

Oh Boy! There is lots going on at Clara’s house. Her Nana is visiting and she loves dogs. Lucky for me I got to join in on all the fun. When Clara gets up in the morning she has a “jam” session will all of her friends, she really rocks with her polka dot guitar. She even gave me, Ruff, a lesson. Maybe if I stay here long enough she’ll ask me to join the band.

 Clara and her dad like to play basketball, they even let me shoot some hoop. I felt like a star, sitting up there so high.


We went shopping in Concord too. It was sooooo nice to sit on the bench with Clara and her mom to have snack, she pets me so gentle and I feel like one of the family.

Charlotte and Clara

April 3rd, 2014

I have spent a wonderful 2 weeks with Charlotte and Clara Lobono. As soon as I got to their house, Charlotte made me feel welcome with my own bed, some books, and toys. Later that night, though, we both decided we’d prefer to snuggle together in her bed. Charlotte read me a book called “We Are In A Book” to help me settle in to my new surroundings. She must have known how much I love books (My home is the library of course!) Some of the highlights of my vacation were: dinner at Rail Trail in Hudson (I shared some chicken fingers and fries); a visit to Charlotte’s preschool class for show and tell; watching Charlotte’s swimming lesson (I did not go in the pool); and enjoying the first spring weather with a ride on Charlotte’s bike and a nap in the sun. I sure will miss her and Clara, but I’m excited about my new adventure!

Thomas, Benjamin, and John-Michael


My latest journey took me to the home of Thomas, Benjamin, and John-Michael. Thomas and his mommy picked me up after school and he was so happy to see me, which made me super happy too! I slept with Thomas that night and went to school with Thomas the next day as his “helper day” guest! I got to go to Benjamin’s school too, and I even went to Thomas’ first movie theater movie, “Frozen” today! I have enjoyed my time her and I hope to see them again someday.

Zach, Thea and Alanna

February 20th, 2014

I went exploring outside Zach, Thea, and Alanna’s house, and I discovered an enormous snow cave. So I made a cup of hot cocoa and curled up to read “The Snowy Day”.


February 23, 2014

Today, Zach, Thea, and Alanna took me to Drumlin Farm! I got to watch the people there boil a big vat of maple sap to make maple syrup. They told us that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of syrup. The we went to see all the animals on the farm. I really liked the sheep. And I had fun riding the wooden ponies with Zach and Thea. It was a busy day. I think I’ll go take a nap now!


I went home with Martha, the Youth Services Librarian to get my tag put back on, and to have a winter storm party! I met Martha’s stuffed animal friends, watched the snow fall, and cozied up with a book. I cannot wait for my next visit to a child’s home!

Annabel and Teo


Ruff is a very social dog isn’t he? He’s had so much fun visiting so many kids and still had energy for his visit with Annabel and Teo Rivera this week. Ruff had a great time building a fort under the dining room table, reading books, and playing trains. We were surprised to discover that he is an excellent dancer. Now he is excited for his next adventure…



Today, Hannah Quievryn took me home for the week. One of the first things we did was color pictures in her “My Little Pony” coloring book. She’s really good at choosing colors, and she taught me about trying to stay inside the lines.


Today we played “sleepover party” with Hannah’s ponies and baby doll. Hannah’s little sister, Zoe, was very interested in this game-she kept trying to eat the ponies (doesn’t she know people can’t eat ponies?). Later, Hannah’s Nana and Papa came for a long visit (They stayed for 4 days!).


Hannah took me to her preschool today! The kids all welcomed me during circle time, then later on we went into the big hall to make big buildings with a bunch of red cups. Some of the buildings were super tall!


We visited Hannah’s aunt today, and I met her dog, Hooper. Hooper was very interested in me, too interested if I’m being honest. He sniffed me and bit me and got his dog slobber on me. Not my favorite day.


Hannah took me to her dance class today. It was so much fun to dance with all the girls! I learned some new dance words like jeté, tendu, plié, and passé.


I’m heading back to the library today. I’ve had so much fun with Hannah, and I’m excited to meet a new friend and have more adventures.

Matthew, Michael and Gordon

January 10, 2014

Today I met the Marshall boys, Matthew, Michael and Gordon. They took me to storytime then I went to Target with them. Finally, I went to their house and met their dog, Zhulchka, she’s big! After a thorough medical check by Dr. Matthew, who said I have a great heart, I met many of the boys’ critters. Time for a nap!

January 11, 2014

Today the Marshall boys took me with them to the grand Opening of Emma’s Café. I danced with them while listening to Jeff Jams music!

January 12, 2014

Hide and seek! What a fun way to start the day!

January 12 & 14, 2014

I’ve been having so much fun building robots out of boxes with the boys. Their dog has been sharing her treats with me too!

January 17th, 2014

Whoa! What a week! Last night the boys planned a sleepover for me and all their critters. We watched Kipper and read books, had a snack and we all got snuggled into our “sleeping bags”. The mouse house was the hotel so Patrick the dog and I slept there. I can’t wait to visit the Marshall boys again! J

I almost forgot: On Thursday I got to go to Matthew & Michael’s school with Rudolph (another critter friend of Matthew’s). I really liked that adventure. Time to get my tag sewed back on!

Lucas & Emilia 

We were really excited about having Ruff stay with us for the next week (or two). He was here for our first snowfall of the year. We had a snowball fight. Emilia pretended he was her friend Sophia. She read him books, gave him snacks, lunch & a nap. (Just like in preschool!) Lucas played Skylanders with Ruff too. We hope Ruff had a good time with the Messiers!

Nicky and Sophia

Ruff was excited to go on his next adventure. He went to Sofia and Nicky's House in Stow. At first he was a little scared. He met the dogs. Neo, a big scardey cat loved Ruff. Teddy, another dog wanted to chew up Ruff but we would not let him. Me and Nicky made a castle for Ruff to sit in. Ruff loved sitting in the castle: Pretty soon Ruff got tired and Nicky put him to bed. Nicky read Ruff a story. The Grinch Stole Christmas. Ruff ate breakfast and dinner with Sofia and Nicky. Ruff loved to visit Nicky and Sofia's House.

Ruff is sitting on the hold shelf, waiting for his ride!

Emma and Megan Conant

From Emma and Megan Conant:

I was really excited to go on a trip with Emma and Megan.  I heard we were going to go to Vermont.  The girls had talked about snow, whatever that is.  I was a little scared when I overheard them talking about making sure their dogs didn't rip me up.  I didn't have to worry about getting ripped up because I never left my bag!

Vermont must have been far away.  I must say that I was bored on the long car ride.  Can you believe I was stuck in the trunk, in my bag?  It was dark in there, a nightlight would have been helpful.  What made things worse is I could smell dog food nearby and it made my stomach rumble.

Finally we arrived in mysterious Vermont.  I thought phew, time to get out of the bag.  I heard many hellos and squeals of welcome but none for me.  They forgot about me.  I guess they were having too much fun with their cousins.  

I'm glad Emma and Megan had fun on their trip but it was pretty miserable for me.  I don't like to complain, but I hope my next trip I get to come out of my bag! 

P.S.  They made sure I was included in their family dinner.  It was hotdogs....... I politely DECLINED!    

These two pups gave me some great advice for getting attention.  I just have to work on my sad puppy face and whining, they say it works every time!

Ruff visits Charlotte
Ruff visited Charlotte's house in Stow. He played with her and all her brothers and sisters too. He had a great time riding around in Charlotte's toy cars. He is wondering where he'll end up next!

Ruff's first adventure was to Somerville to visit Martha.


He’s Randall Library’s Mutt-i-gree Mascot and he is helping us celebrate National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.

Ruff can be checked out so you can take him with you on your adventures. Please take pictures of the places you go, and write about them in his journal. 

Make sure to return Ruff by his due date, just like you would with a library book, so other children can have a turn with him as well.

Have a great time with Ruff! He loves dog biscuits, reading and going on adventures!

More Information for Parents:

Mutt-i-grees is an organization which works with schools and libraries to educate children about shelter dogs. Through their programs they seek to enhance children’s self- and social-awareness, and the ability to make ethical decisions to benefit others through the teaching of empathy and related social and emotional skills. To learn more about Mutt-i-grees visit their website

You can email pictures to RandallLibrary @ and we will post them in the library and on our library’s website at If you would prefer that photos of your children not be published on the internet, please specify that you would like them to be posted only in the library.