Trustees work with the Director to set library policy in the following ways:     
  • Engage in on-going planning to assess the needs and the role of the library in the community.
  • Ensure that the library meets the communities needs.
  • Work on preparation of the annual library budget and its adoption by the Town.
  • Monitor and oversee maintenance of the buildings and regularly review facility needs.
  • Have responsibility for hiring and evaluation the Library Director and working on job classifications for all staff.
  • Promote, with the Friends of the Randall Library, the library and act as library advocates in the community.
  • Study and support legislation which will benefit the library and the larger community.
They also manage bequests for the benefit of the library and determine yearly disbursement amounts which the Director uses over the course of the year for the purchase of library materials and some library programming.
Salaries and physical plant operations are not funded by the Trust, but are funded by the Town.  Slightly over 1% of Stow's tax revenues are used for library support.

The Trustees generally meet on the second Wednesday of the month.  Of course, this is an open meeting and citizens are welcome to attend.

The seven Randall Library Trustees are elected town officials and serve staggered three-year terms. 
The 2015 Trustees are:

Marianne Sharin,-Chair
Barbara K. Wolfenden, Vice Chair
Timothy H. Reed, Treasurer
Kathy O'Brien
Richard Lent
Maureen Busch
Robert Katz